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Iran student protests : July 1999

In July 1999 Iran suffered its most serious unrest for years, as students staged demonstrations across the country calling for reform and press freedom.
On 9 July, police and right-wing vigilantes stormed a Tehran University dormitory which students were occupying.

The move sparked off days of street riots across the country, in which students were beaten and detained by police and hardliners. At least five were reportedly killed.

In this account sent to, Mohammad Reza Kasrani, a student at the time, recalls the dormitory attack and its ugly aftermath:


It was Friday evening 9 July when a friend told me about the attack on the students' dormitory in Tehran university, which had happened early in the morning.

The dormitories were left almost completely destroyed
I rushed there. God, it could not be described in any words: walls demolished, cupboards destroyed, students' belongings thrown out through the windows.

Even some students who had been sleeping or doing their morning prayers were thrown out through the windows from the second and the third floors.

A group of vigilantes, who are called "plainclothes", had attacked students who the day before were peacefully demonstrating in protest at the closure of a reformist newspaper by the judiciary.

During the five days after the attack, while the students staged demonstrations, the plainclothes attacked government buildings and set buses on fire, but it was the students who were later blamed for this vandalism.

The "plainclothes" attacked the students by sticks and batons and even fired tear gas.

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Maybe I'm wrong about this. I have little trust for the Iranian people, and none for their " Government. " I've heard rumblings on the web about helping the Iranian people out .

It is my opinion that it is due time the Middle East help themselves for a change. No matter what we do, how much money we throw at them, how much we feed them, the east is the east and the west is the west. That being said, I'm not heartless. I don't enjoy reading stories of anyone being tossed out windows.


For too many years the M.E. has told us "Mind your own business." It's been a long time since I have agreed with the Muslim populace in the M.E. We will mind our own business.

Good luck on your own.

Jeff Davis

****This was posted for the person in Iran at the University of Science and Technology, that visited this blog on the 26th of March 2007 that stayed for 1 hour , 37 minutes and 37 seconds.

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