Friday, March 02, 2007

Hate Mail ( Funny Stuff )

I wanted to share a few emails .. These emails have been altered only when foul language is being texted. Note also how the emails exude such high intellectual overtones......... / sarc off


shortiee530 February 20, 2007

wat in da hell? since when..did u post a comment on ma profile? wtf..hold up...u no the end..idk wether ppl like u will realize wat ur talkin ab or not. but i dont give a f*ck.n i dont care wat u think ab me either. wat an ignorant person. no wonder wat ppl r saying in all dem comments u have recieved

iktpqpwd February 14, 2007

you make me f*cking sick

Soldierfortruth January 08, 2007

Yes dont tell lies, i work in muslim countries and men marry cousins and sisters, even in pakistan. this is dangerous as children can become disabled by the same gene typeyou are an idol worshipper, what makes a muslim different from a hindu? you both face idols and a certain direction. kabba is an idol, muslims are idol worshippers, why do you need a compass to pray?? surley as an atheist i would say God is everywhere. so why face an idol, i.e. kabba. or whatever it is. your heaven is lots of sex anda river of wine. haha this is a joke,you have been conned, if they is a heaven i dont want to have sex and drink wine, i want to be in peace for ever not things that i can get right here on earth. if i want sex today i get it, if i want wine i can buy a bottle of shiraz.

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