Friday, March 30, 2007


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“As interior minister before he stepped down Monday to focus on his campaign, Nicolas Sarkozy tightened immigration laws and boasted that he had expelled tens of thousands of illegal immigrants and prevented others from entering. His pledge in 2005 to rid France’s ethnic Arab and Muslim suburbs of ‘scum’ contributed to a three-week orgy of violence there.

“Mr. Sarkozy, who has largely avoided the suburbs during his campaign, has criticized immigrants and their offspring who resist the French model of integration, saying it is unacceptable to want to live in France without respecting and loving the country or learning French.

“He touched off the current debate in a television appearance on March 8 when he announced a plan to create a ‘ministry of immigration and national identity’ if elected,” per New York Times’ Elaine Sciolino.

France is coming to grips with extremist Muslims who move in to demand, never dialogue. It’s their way or no way. If France wakes up, perhaps all of EU will do the same. If not, the national identities will flush out quickly.

France’s presidential campaign has brought to the surface this extremist Muslim plight. Not too soon, for sure.

“During a campaign trip last week in the Caribbean, where some of the region’s residents can vote in French elections, Mr. Sarkozy boasted that after he proposed his immigration and national identity ministry, his standing in the polls jumped.”

Thank God.

May America take warning. May Canada take warning. Otherwise, we will have North America bowing down to Allah, the Koran and sharia’s so-called legal and justice system. It’s that crucial.

“’I want the promotion of a common culture,’ Sarkozy said in reply to his critics.

“Indeed, an OpinionWay Internet poll for the newspaper Le Figaro, splashed on the paper’s front page this month, indicated that 55 percent of French voters approved. Sixty-five percent agreed that the ‘immigrants who join us must sign up to the national identity.’”

Dissidents have put police in quandaries. Dissidents have so outnumbered local cops that there are times when the authorities simply ignore carnage going on in neighborhoods. It’s not safe for them to plunge into the abyss. Not good for France, is it?

The press reports: “The battle over French identity has overtaken discussion of more practical issues like reducing unemployment and making France more competitive.”

It’s quite logical for the “French identity” issue to beg for top priority. If that issue is not settled in favor of France being French, then all other concerns will be lost from civility. Barbarism will rule big time.

“On Tuesday, as if to underscore the tensions over identity, roving bands of young people threw objects at the police, smashed store windows and damaged property for several hours at the Gare du Nord, a major train station in Paris.”

There’s your example for a future France without its heritage, its tradition, and its accustomed lifestyle. .

“For the past few years, France has struggled with economic and cultural issues related to its immigrants. One is shared by much of the rest of Europe: how to stop the influx of illegal immigrants who drain a country’s economy and social services. A second is how to force French citizens of immigrant origin to obey laws, including those banning practices like polygamy and the wearing of head scarves by Muslim girls and women in schools and universities.”

There you have it. Media does try to underplay the extremist Muslim threat, but it is so much in-your-face that press has to acknowledge it in plain language, even when soft-pedaling so as not to be a part of the upset.

Entire article here.

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