Wednesday, March 21, 2007


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Muslim extremists put the children in the car’s back seat. That would convince checkpoint guards that all those in the vehicle were harmless.

The children were used as human bait, the youngsters soon slain by these Allah devotees.
Per CNN, two children were inside the car when it exploded. Two adults ran from the vehicle, abandoning the youth. As adults fled, the car blew to bits.

Sunday the driver of the car drove through the checkpoint, then positioned the vehicle by an open market and school, according to Major General Michael Barbero, deputy director for regional operations in the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The youngsters were blown apart along with three innocent shoppers. Seven others were hurt.

“’Children in the back seat lower suspicion. We let it move through,’ Barbero said.”

Muslims teach their children from birth to hate. They provide them with terrorist “children’s programs” on television. Some youth are enrolled in terrorist schools. The boys and girls are taught that Jews derive from pigs and monkeys.

Therefore, when children are used as human shields for Allah’s cause, it is regarded as a holy offering to the Islamic deity. It is not considered a crime or parental neglect.

That is why it is disconcerting when civil world reporters are anguished over war zones patrolled by free world nations’ troops firing when children are present. The troops are criticized for not being more careful when Muslim children are in the area.

What those reporters do not understand is that the Muslim parents don’t care about their own children. They use them for suicide fodder.

Extremist Muslims don’t care about their own children blown apart when exploding entire neighborhoods in order to kill one infidel.

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    Well written, probably will not get the media play it deserves.