Monday, March 26, 2007


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Why do moderate Muslims say nothing to discipline extremists? Because
extremists will slaughter them.

That is the threat against moderate Canadian Muslims. Their properties
have been damaged thus far. Now they are threatened with being slain, per
CBC News.

“A moderate Muslim group that called for a separation of religion and
state in a recent documentary has received a pointed death threat. The
Muslim Canadian Congress received the message Tuesday morning. It was left
on the Toronto telephone of secretary general Munir Pervaiz.

“‘I swear on 99 names of Allah, if you don’t cease from your campaign of
smearing Islam . I will slaughter you
,’ the unidentified caller said.
Toronto police and its hate-crime unit are investigating.

“The message was addressed to congress president Farzana Hassan and
founder Tarek Fatah, and mentioned Allah’s name three times in a row.”

When extremists carried out their murder-and-maim agenda worldwide, free
nations wondered why non-extremists did not speak forthrightly in defense
of sane Muslims. In fact, non-Muslims began to wonder if every Muslim was
in fact an extremist awaiting the final signal to initiate Islam World

Now in Canada there is a moderate Muslim voice. However, will it continue
to speak? Only time will tell.

“‘It is scary,’ Pervaiz told CBC News on Wednesday. ‘This is the first
time that someone is really swearing in the name of God and it appears
that person is taking an oath by announcing the name of God three times.

“Pervaiz said the accusation of smearing Islam is a serious one, an
offence that some Muslims believe is worthy of punishment.

“The death threat comes after the Muslim Canadian Congress took part in a
documentary that aired on CBC News on March 6. The piece examined the
divides between secular and fundamental beliefs within the Canadian Muslim

Throughout Europe, non-Muslims daily questioned why Muslim immigrants who
were not murdering and maiming did not inform the reasonable world that
they too exist. Now it is becoming increasingly clear that those not
participating in the global carnage are frightened. Therefore, they say
nothing to castigate zealot Muslims. It could mean their very own

“The congress has been targeted for its moderate beliefs before, but never
in such a direct fashion, Pervaiz said. Members have had their homes and
cars damaged after sharing their opinions publicly.

“‘We want as many people to know that such a problem exists in Canada,’
Pervaiz said. ‘People thought we were exaggerating, but this now kind of
confirms and proves the problem exists.’”

Copyright © 2006 by J. Grant Swank, Jr.

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