Monday, March 19, 2007


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

When US President George W. Bush spoke to the nation on Monday, he tallied many details regarding Operation Iraqi Freedom’s start and follow up on this 4th anniversary.

What was missing was the crucial component. It is that Iraq is fraught with extremist Islamic cult members who have no regard for usual authority such as a Congress, a President or Prime Minister or a Parliament. The killers answer to their Allah-blessed guns — period.

What then do Bush, Blair, Rice, Howard, and all other civil personages and organizations have via power when faced with extremist Islamic cult members? None. The clear, cold answer is NONE.

A dozen such cultic members can destroy a thousand with one or two or three bombs. So follow the figures to reach the realistic conclusion of remaining in Iraq. It is insanity today. It will be insanity tomorrow. It will be insanity twenty years from today.

This is a totally unconventional war.

Usually one side wants to wipe out the other. But in this case, “the other” is willing to kill itself off one by one in order to do in the civil warriors who want to liberate mankind.

Bush will not own up to that change in warfare when it comes to Iraq. It is such a pity that the leader of the most powerful country on the planet is so blind. Such a pity.

That blindness continues to feed Iraq’s killing machine with our own young uniformed men and women. That is cause for many tears and much protest.

Again: no one will exert a power in Iraq that the street killers can exert day after day. Bush will not see that. However, most of Americans see that. Most of other free citizens worldwide see that.

This war is digging the American psyche into such a depressed state that it will be a long, long time until the American optimism regarding every area of their patriotism can return.

That’s not fair to red, white and blue Americans. Yet the President continues to ruin his own people while staying the course of killing off our armed forces. Further his perspective continues to shred innocent Iraqis who are frightened to the crumbling point.


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