Friday, February 23, 2007


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Muslims demand religious freedom in all free countries they enter. They do not give that to Christians in Muslim countries. Their hypocrisy is glaring.
However, Jesus warned that just as He was hated, so His followers would be hated.

And they surely have been hated, particularly under Allah-devotees.

“Fakiha Atta tearfully recalls the incident that took the life of her 78-year-old husband Noshi. He failed to return home after a Friday morning church service. She sent her youngest son, Maher, back to the church to fetch him,” per Gary Lane of CWNews.

“When Maher arrived at the church, he noticed a pool of blood at the entrance and a trail of blood leading from the church up the hospital steps next door. He ran to the hospital emergency room, where he saw doctors and nurses treating a number of church members in blood-soaked clothes. A doctor told Maher that the injured Christians had been stabbed during an attack at the church.
“Maher says he was shocked after the doctor led him to his deceased father’s bedside.
“He told CBN News that no one could possibly know how he felt after seeing his father’s wounds. He says he suffered a mix of emotions — astonishment, sorrow and pain. Maher wept uncontrollably and wondered how anyone could have murdered his father. His father had no enemies and was loved by everyone.
“The Atta Girgis family learned a Muslim radical wielding two long knives stormed into the entrance of the church and stabbed several people while shouting, ‘god is great!’ and ‘death to infidels!’”

When these atrocities occur, little if nothing is done by the authorities. They too are Muslim. They too read the Koran and its demands that non-Muslims be put out. Therefore, why should Christians be guarded when they are to be extinguished?

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