Monday, February 19, 2007

Islam's Mohammed: The False Prophet that Deceived the World

Immediately following the 1983 bombing of the U.S Marine barracks in Lebanon, which killed 241 US Marines, President Ronald Regan ordered the withdrawal of all US forces from the area.

In reflecting back on his decision to do so, that decision would become one of the worst foreign policy errors in US history simply on the basis that it rewarded a victory to Islamic militants for their murderous, inhumane act and since that day, the world has witnessed a steady rise in terror by these militants.

Their targets are often broad in scope, and although collateral damage frequently kills their own, the focus of their attacks are consistently on non-Islamic peoples - 'infidels,' as defined by the Qur'an.

To better understand the hate fueling modern day Islamicism, one must first look back to its roots. From Ishmael, whose birthright was denied, to Esau and Jacob - rivaling twins, the seed of hate was sewn. What evolved thereafter was a bitter, jealousy that has been passed down to every Arab generation since.

By the 7th century, this ancient hatred made its way into the heart and mind of a common-criminal named Mohammed - an Arab and descendant of Ishmael, who founded a religion and used it to justify his countless, criminal acts of rape and murder.

Both the western media and the Arab press routinely offer biased, politicized answers to what they believe drives this Islamic hatred for the west. From 'US support for Israel' to 'US secularism,' we've heard them all, and despite attempts to justify their inhumane acts, the truth is, Muslims have been committing terrorist acts for some 1,300 years - long before 'western culturalism' or 'US support for Israel' ever existed. And despite such history, we continue to ignorantly look elsewhere for the reasons.

From the early days of Islam to today's globally televised beheadings, Muslims are simply acting-out what Mohammed believed, and what the Qur'an teaches. And when Qur'anic Law was given the opportunity to govern, its violent, 7th century intolerance was seen through the eyes of Afghanistan's Taliban - a view of converting and uniting the Arab world under Islamic Law by sword first, and everyone else second.

What truly is at the heart of the Islamists hatred today is no different than that which fueled Mohammed's hatred as he wrote the Qur'an. It is the belief and goal of a one-world, global Islamic empire run by Qur'anic Law whereby everyone must, in the end, convert to their fundamentalist ideology or face beheading.

The hatred that fuels this theocracy dates back to Ishmael and his son-in-law Esau, and from there, compounded to form the foundations of Islamicism which is the reason why most of the world conflicts today involve Muslims.

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  1. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Why start with Reagan? Carter has been beholden to ME interests for years and continues unabashedly today!

    Not to be mistaken as a partisan issue . . .consider the following - but take your blood pressure meds first.

  2. I agree totally. It was not meant too bash against Reagan. He was a great President. Carter was (and still is) the biggest failure of a politician or decent human being on the planet. I just disagree with what Reagan did, in that circumstance. I miss the Reagan years sincerley, those were the days.


  3. i like ur guts keep it up.Don't stop writing pls.