Tuesday, February 27, 2007


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

For American culture to continue its Judeo-Christian heritage, it is necessary that we legislate English as the official language.

Those coming into the US from other languages must learn English in order to remain here. The US cannot afford to accommodate itself to every language represented in our society.

Where will it all stop? It will have no end unless English is stipulated as the national, accepted language. We cannot afford to foster confusion for years to come. If we do not act now, that is what will occur.
The American Family Association is communicating with citizenry in an appeal to stipulate “a common language, not ‘diversity,’” in order to create a strong country.

“Recently, the mayor of Nashville vetoed a bill that would have made English the city’s official language. He called the measure ’unconstitutional, unnecessary, and mean-spirited.’

“U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid even called a bill to make English our official language ‘racist.’”

It is frightening that these politically correct leaders play the part of dumb mouth. Yet that is exactly what they are doing as a disservice to the American grassroots.

“A Zogby poll last year showed that 84% say English should be the official language of government operations. The poll also showed that 77% of Hispanics support English as our official language.

“It is time for liberal members of Congress to quit playing politics with the future of all children—U.S. and Immigrant—and follow the lead of 28 states which have made English their official language. Failure for Congress to act will establish a major obstacle for immigrant children as they try to move up in our society.”

Is the US going to rip itself apart? Is it going to invite immigrants to tear our nation apart? Or are level heads going to govern our country’s future?
A common language is necessary for citizens to communicate with each other.

It is fundamental.

This is not a luxury.

It is basic.

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