Monday, February 19, 2007


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Iraq: civil war bloodies on ad infinitum. In the year 2020, it will be the same as today, but worse.

Bloody Baghdad Sunday repeats itself today. Street gangs control Iraq, Bush, Rice, and Congress.
Islam World Rule triggers extremist Muslims who delight in murdering infidels, innocent Muslims who get in the way plus themselves and their suicide-tutored children.

Democrats don’t know what to do.

Republicans don’t know what to do.

President Bush has dug himself into a funk.
Rice scolds Iraq’s Parliament for not tying things together.

In other words, both Bush and Rice have no idea what to do.

How in God’s name can a newly formed Iraqi Parliament do anything when it has no democracy history to fall back on? How can it know what to do when it has had its driver’s license for too short a time? And how can it do anything worthwhile when street gangs rule it?

Congress is pushed into the corner of indecisiveness, political networking for votes back home, is handed a war many now seated there did not create, and is sloshed into a civil war halfway around the planet that is controlled by street gangs.

Bush counsels for billions of dollars to combat a civil conflict governed by street gangs. What will those dollars do to make any difference for peace? Nothing but waste taxpayers’ moneys.

Congress talks while Iraq burns.

Bush blueskies while Iraq burns.

Rice flies on another junket while Iraq burns.

Americans at the grassroots scratch their heads wondering how our country ever slid into hell’s black hole.
All the while street gangs rule everybody. And I mean everybody. They rule. And they will continue to rule till 2020 and beyond. No kidding. They will rule Iraq into its own blood soaked black hole.

The Bible calls it “the bottomless pit.” Media calls it “Iraq.”

They both mean the same.

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