Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dhimmi Blogger Of 2008

"Hating Muslims is now the Shoebat family business: I’ve blogged before on Walid’s son Theodore Shoebat, who makes anti-Muslim (and anti-science) hate videos. I noticed recently that Shoebat Junior is also a contributor to Mosquewatch, where his colleagues include none other than the absurd Pastor J. Grant Swank."

Dick, we don't hate all Muslims, we despise terrorist Muslims. Do you ?

Jeff, Said:
An open challenge for you Sir.Mr. Bartholomew ,
Are you a former PLO member ? Walid Shoebat and Kamal Saleem ? They have more knowledge about the Koran, the Hadiths and Islam than you will ever learn in your life. Both of these people are against Islamic terror. You seem too be picking a fight with people that want too save your neck from the knife of Islamic terror when if falls upon you. You are ignorant about Islam. That is not a personal attack, that is a fact. You speak of things, which you have no knowledge of. I suggest you read a few books.
Start with the Koran, then follow up with Sahih Bukhari, and the rest of the Hadiths. Pastor Swank is a good and decent man. I find it interesting that you would rather defame a Pastor, and not defame the jihadist scum that would slit your throat while screaming “Allahu Ackbar”.
In ending , put your money where your mouth is. Stand up and show me your face. Make an account on youtube, or on clipser
( ) get a video camera and make a video. It is an open challenge. Best of wishes for you and yours.
Jeff Davis


  1. Pastor Swank is a good and decent man, and by God, I love the magazine that's named after him too. It's the best thing since Udders and Wool, The Magazine for the Red Sate Man.

    It's bad enough that he's a foreigner who drinks his beer warm, but I'm thinking this here Bartholomew must also be some kind of Islamunistosatanistofascist whose after our white women.